Redhouse in the Llandinam, Montgomeryshire 1911 Census

Not too long ago, the 1911 UK Census was released for the general public. This spring the last of the Welsh records were added. However, there was just one catch. The catch was that one of the columns relating to personal health was blacked out but only until 2012.

One of the more interesting questions asked during this census pertained to marriage and the health of children. It entailed asking for how long a couple were married, the number of births and the number of children still living.

In Llandinam, Montgomeryshire we can look at Redhouse as an example. In 1911, one can find the retrun for Redhouse, also known as Berthddu Farm. Redhouse has been inhabited by the Kinsey family for many generations. Now, with the passing of Roger Kinsey in 1903, the farm was passed into the hands of his son Evan Price Kinsey, a bachelor.

There, he was living with his sister, Mary Ellen Kinsey, and a niece and nephew. Roger Kinsey and Hellen Kinsey are the children of Roger Kinsey's brother William Thomas Kinsey.

One final note on this census return, I find it interesting that neither of the four of them profess to speaking Welsh. In the previous census in 1901, Roger Kinsey states that he speaks both English and Welsh. However, he is the only one in the household able to speak both proficiently. It really echos the fact that in the Severn Valley the lack of those who speak Welsh. In contrast, those who live in the surrounding highland areas like the Kerry Highlands, one will notice a definite rise in the number of those who speak Welsh.


  1. Hellen Kinsey is my great-grandmother, she married Rev. Robert Owen Pugh Williams of Port Dinorwic. in Llandinam 1922.

    1. I think Roger was my gg Grandfather. My father and brother, both have the first name Roger farm Red House today


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