1916 Canadian Census Index Goes Online

An Index to the 1916 Canadian Census has been posted online by the LDS Church at FamilySearch.org on 30 January 2009.

As of yet, there are no digital images of the census online.

The 1916 census was a follow-up to the 1906 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The following Kinsey related households have been found in the 1916 index so far:

... in Manitoba

1. 567 William Avenue, Winnipeg

Wilmott Botsford
Jessie Botsford f/53y/married/wife
Ethel Botsford f/27y/single/daughter

Wilmott is shown living with his second wife, Jessie, after the passing of his first spouse Anne Elizabeth Kinsey in 1900.

2. Stephen Street, Boissevain

John Henry Wilson Kinsey m/48y/married/head
Alice Kinsey f/32y/married/wife (immigrated to Canada in 1906)
Gwendolin Kinsey f/7y/single/daughter
Edmund Kinsey m/6y/single/son
Albert Kinsey m/5y/single/son
Evelyn Kinsey f/3y/single/daughter

Calvin Wilson Kinsey was born soon after the census in 1916 and was soon after given up for adoption to the Franks family. The Kinseys were said to be quite destitute at the time.

3. 166 College Street, Winnipeg

William Haddock m/35y/married/self
Bertha Haddock f/30y/married/wife
Courtney Haddock m/10y/single/son
Benie Haddock m/9y/single/son
Lois Haddock f/2y/single/daughter
Gertrude Haddockf/5m/single/daughter

... in Saskatchewan

1. 39,18, 3 Reford, Battleford

Kinsey Joseph Fred Botsford m/19y/single/-

2. 706 McPherson, Saskatoon

Stephen Vaughan Kinsey m/60y/single/self

... there were no related Kinsey households in Alberta at the time of the 1916 census.


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