1854 Obituary of Stephen Kinsey

This early obituary is perhaps the earliest mention of a direct Kinsey relative discovered thus far.

Found in the 22 April 1854 edition of the North Wales Chronicle, while short, it does provide some insight into the death of Stephen Kinsey. This is in reference to his passing "after a long illness".

The obituary reads that he passed away on the 12th of April; however, this is in conflict of his headstone which reads his death as being on the 18th.

The abbreviation "inst." is short for "instant". Regardless, many modern English references refer to its possible Latin origin of "insante mense" or "this month".

Ty-coch, on the other hand, is of course Welsh and translates to "red" + "house". For many years Berthddu Farm has also been known as Redhouse or Ty-coch. Direct descendants still farm this land even today.


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