More on Stephen Wilson Kinsey's January 1867 Court Case in Shrewsbury.

Some recent research done at the Shropshire Archives in Shrewsbury has located Stephen Wilson Kinsey in the local Calendar of Prisoners.

In 1866, Stephen Kinsey was arrested for sexual assaulting a woman aboard a train in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. A Calendar of Prisoners is a register that is kept as a means of keeping track of those who had been arrested throughout the UK.

The entry for Stephen Kinsey reads as follows:
  • Tried at the Guildhall before: Ralph Augustus Benson, esquire - Recorder, John Thomas Nightingale, esq - Mayor, Joshua John Peele esq - Town Clerk and Richard Clarke, esq - Clerk of the Peace.
  • Stephen Kinsey admitted to bail 6th November 1866, age 35, a butcher. Reads and writes well.
  • Date of Warrant: 5th November 1866
  • Taken into custody: 5th November 1866
  • Crime: indecently assaulting Mary Ann Briscoe in a certain railway carriage on the 29th October 1866 within the Borough of Shrewsbury.
  • Verdict of Jury: A true bill was found by the Grand Jury
  • Sentence: The prisoner did not surrender to his bail.
Of course, by the time of his trial Stephen Kinsey was already in North America never to return to his homeland.

Much thanks goes to the staff at the Shropshire Archives for their time and effort on this matter.


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