S. V. Kinsey, Tyler

Here is a photo of Stephen Vaughan Kinsey, Tyler of the Masonic Lodge Progress in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1922. The photo is the only know picture of the eldest son of Stephen Wilson Kinsey and comes from the Local History Collection of the Saskatoon Public Library.

Stephen Vaughan Kinsey was born on 22 May 1855 in St Harmon, Radnorshire, Wales. He immigrated to Canada in 1867 and moved to Saskatoon soon after his father's death in 1889.

He died on 1 November 1891 at the age of 88 and he is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Saskatoon.

A "tyler" is an officer in a masonic lodge. The tyler acts as a sergeant-at-arms of the lodge.


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