More Montgomeryshire Parish Register Indexes now online.

Via the Powys Mailing List at comes the following notice:

Dear Listers,

I am pleased to announce that the following records have been added online:

  • Baptisms: Carno, Forden, Llandyssil
  • Marriages: Carno, Forden, Guilsfield, Llandyssil
  • Burials: Carno, Forden, Llandyssil

They are to be found on The parish records of 44 Montgomeryshire parishes can now be found on this site.

These transcriptions are the work of a small group of members of the Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society (MGS). These will be published in booklet form, but there is currently a backlog in the printing of these booklets so we trust that the appearaance of the records online will help researchers.

Gaps or difficult to read passages in the parish registers have been supplemented by use of the Bishop's Transcripts so we believe that the finished product is as comprehensive and inclusive as it is possible to be.

For a full list of the society's publications and details of membership please see our website:

Bryn Ellis, Project Leader.


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