More on the Kiwi Kinseys

Back in December 2010, we blogged about the Evan and Hannah Kinsey who emmigrated from Lancaster, England to Otago, New Zealand.  Evan was the youngest brother of the Stephen Wilson Kinsey to whom this website is dedicated.

From England to New Zealand:

As was mentioned in the earlier blog entry, Evan and Hannah left Glasgow, Scotland aboard the Clipper Canterbury on the 12th of September 1878.

An ad for the Clipper Canterbury in the 9 September 1878 London Times states:

NEW ZEALAND. - The PASSENGERS' LINE and the ALBION SHIPPING COMPANY are now loading the following SHIPS for the undernoted Ports :-
Ship Canterbury ... 2000 tons ... to Otago ... to Sail Sept. 7
The abovenamed ships are all first-rate passenger packets, fitted and equipped upon plans founded upon long experience.  For freight or passage apply to P. Henderson and Co., Glasgow; and Shaw, Savill and Co., 34 Leadenhall-street, London.
N.B.-To be obtained from the above, the 13th edition of the New Zealand Handbook, post free 1s.

The Canterbury arrived at Port Chambers, Otago on the 10th of December 1878.  A few days later, the Otago Witness (December 14th) stated that:

Dec 10 - Canterbury, ship, 1247 tons, Leslie, from Glasgow.  Cargills, Gibbs and Co, agents.  Passengers: Saloon - Mrs. Leslie, 2 children, and servant, Misses Douglas, Doyle (2), Messrs R. W. Brown, A. W. Stewart, C. M. Boyd, J. A. Williamson, and 343 free and assisted immigrants, equal to 308 1/2 statute adults.

Evan and Hannah arrived with three children with them: Evan (7), Cordelia (6) and Stephen (2).  It was at this point very little was known what happened to the family after their arrival in New Zealand.

Fortunately, in February 2011 added over 20 million New Zealand records from what is called the Anne Bromell Collection. This has allowed for a number of breakthroughs.

The earliest records records that have been found about Evan and Hannah Kinsey are about the birth of two children: Agnes Trembath Slater Kinsey in 1880 and Thomas Kinsey in 1882.

Then in 1896, there is an Evan Kinsey who is working at Brigham's Creek near Aukland on New Zealand's north island.

The directory has the following:

Kinsey, Evan, Brigham's creek, gumdigger, residential

What is a gumdigger?  In New Zealand, digging up deposits of gum resin from the kauri tree was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  It was then used to make varnish.

By 1906, Evan has moved to Henderson, New Zealand where he lives out his final days as a settler.

Evan died on 7 February 1912 and buried three days later in Waikumete Cemetery in Waitakere, N.Z.


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