Kinseys in the England and Wales Criminal Registers (1792 - 1891)

With the arrival of the month of August has come the online release of the Criminal Registers of Wales and England.

The criminal registers list those charged with crimes at the Quarter Sessions between 1792 and 1891. The books include names, crimes, verdicts and penalties. Most notably, the index is free to search at

A previous newspaper article referred to his crime but little has be known what happened after posting bail on 6 November 1866 and his subsequent arrival in North America in late December.

There are two entries for Stephen Kinsey in the criminal registers:

The first is for the Shrewsbury General Quarter Sessions that were held on 7 January 1867. It states that he was "charged with indecently assaulting Mary Ann Briscoe in a Railway Carriage on the 29th October 1866." It also goes on to state that he "admitted to Bail on 6th Nov 1866."

However, it also states that "this prisoner did not surrender to his bail."

The second entry for Stephen Kinsey appears in the Shrewsbury March Sessions for 15 March 1867 reads "admitted to Bail 6th November 1866. Indecently, assaulting Mary Ann Briscoe in a certain Railway carriage on the 29th October within the Borough of Shrewsbury.

Evan Kinsey's trial is listed in the Montgomery Assizes that were held at Welshpool on the 13 January 1887.

His entry is quite simply reads, "Evan Kinsey", "Arson", and "5 years" of penal servitude.

Evan Kinsey was convicted in burning down a barn at Old Hall in Kerry, Montgomeryshire. A previous blog entry mentioned the case, but the newspaper article in question did not state the arsonist's first name.

We now know that it was Evan Kinsey, the eldest son of Timothy Kinsey.


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