Stephen Vaughan Kinsey in The Exhibition-Harvest Edition

In 1914, the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix published a special edition of its paper that was a showcase for the growing town.

The special edition was entitled the "The Exhibition-Harvest Edition" and was published in August 1914.

On page 21 of The Exhibition-Harvest Edition, Allen Bowerman, a noted developer at the time, wrote of some his memories of what the town was like at the turn of the century.

Here is how he remembers Stephen Vaughan Kinsey:

At the foot of First Avenue was the miniature mansion occupied by S. Kinsey and Alfred Smith. Smith died two years ago. Mr. Kinsey has the finest show of flowers in the city, in Nutana near the head of the bridge.

Mr. Bowerman's recounting of the early days of Saskatoon is a worthwhile read.

Thanks go to the Peel Prairie Provinces collection that is online on the University of Alberta Library website.


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