For Sale: St David's Parish Church in Newtown, Montgomeryshire

St David's, Newtown, Montgomeryshire
The Anglican Church of Wales has recently announced that St David's Church in Newtown, Montgomeryshire is up for sale.

The church had been built in 1847 to replace St Mary's, which had been damaged in numerous floods.

St David's has long suffered due to cracks in it's walls and also to a decline in church membership.

St David's held its last service in June 2006 when the Parish of Newtown and the Parish of Llanllwchaiarn were merged.

Stephen Wilson Kinsey had a number of his children baptised there in the 1850's and 60's while he was living at Penygelli Farm which lies just outside of the Town of Newtown.

More can be read about the sale of the church on the realtor's website.

BBC Wales also has a couple of articles on the closing and sale of the church.


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