Stephen Kinsey: 5th Place at Ex!

With the 141st edition of the Canadian National Exhibition opening next Friday, I was reminded of two things.

The first was that the end of summer is drawing near here in Southern Ontario.  Secondly, was this excerpt from the 1887 edition of the Canadian Live Stock and Farm Journal (pp. 619, 623)
Awarded in the live-stock departent at The Dominion and Industrial Exhibition, Toronto, September 5th, to 17th, 1887.

List of Prizes.
Class 72 - Cheese, Butter, Bread, Dressed Poultry, Dairy Utensils, etc.

Judges on Butter - J. C. B. Galer, Ingersol; John Padmore, Ingersol.

Sec. 1 Butter - best 3 firkins, not less than 40 lbs. each made at any Butter Factory or Creamery - 1st, G. J. Caron, St. Charles, Man.; 2nd, $30, Chas. Mignault, Jolly, Man; 3rd, $20, John Hartley, Wyoming; 4th, $10, Chas. Snidiker, Haysville; 5th, $5, Stephen V. Kinsey, Walkerton.
Congratulations go out to Stephen and the rest of the Walkerton Kinseys.  Who knew we had a champion butter churner in our midst!


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