The Misses MacMillan of Bracebridge, Ontario

In the 26 July 1906 edition of the Bracebridge Gazette, there is an eight-page survey of the people and business in town. One of the business highlighted is that of "The Misses MacMillan". The Misses MacMillan were three of the daughters of Hugh and Jane MacMillan. The three sisters - Jemina, Helen, and Jessie lived with their mother Jane on Manitoba Street in Bracebridge.

In the 1911 census, Jemina and Helen are recorded as working as milliners and Jessie was a book keeper.

The 26 July 1906 edition of the Bracebridge Gazette says the following about their business:
Misses McMillan – Milliners

The millinery parlors of the Misses McMillan are in the Post Office block. This business has been established for about 30 years, though the present owners have only had it for three years, the location at the time of purchase being in Chancery Lane.

The Misses McMillan are skilful milliners, and do a large trade. The window of their shop is always nicely dressed, especially so in the millinery seasons. A stock of trimmed and untrimmed hats may always be seen here, and an abundance of ribbons, feathers, laces and other necessary things for trimming. If some of the many trimmed hats do not suit the customer, a shape may be selected and the trimming done to order. These milliners visit the wholesale houses regularly, and their styles and stocks are those of fashion’s centres.

This shop is well stocked with fancy articles, hand-made work much of it, and wool and other materials for fancy work may be purchased here. Children’s headwear and dresses, neat and dainty, are on sale, as well as summer parasols, and many other things the ladies admire and use.

The Misses McMillan are expert in making of ladies’ bonnets, and the most careful attention is given to orders.


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