Evan Kinsey's Certificate of Freedom

A recent find on the Ancestry.com website's Australian collection recently peaked my interest.

Certificate of Freedom of Evan Kinsey of Montgomeryshire, Wales
From the records of the New South Wales Archives comes this record of an Evan Kinsey of Montgomeryshire:

Certificate of Freedom

No. -- 40/385
Date, -- 24 Feb. 1840

Prisoner's no. -- 32/2881
Name -- Evan Kinsey
Ship -- Norfolk 4
Master -- Henricker
Year -- 1832
Native Place -- Montgomeryshire
Trade or Calling -- Farm labourer
Offence -- (blank)
Place of Trial -- Madras (India) by a court martial
Date of Trial -- July 1831
Sentence -- 7 Years
Year of Birth -- 1795
Height -- 5 feet, 6 inches
Complexion -- Dark sallow and little pork pitles?
Hair -- Dark Brown
Eyes -- Hazel
General remarks -- Cast inward in right eye, two scars on lower left arm, large scar across right thumb.

No connection to this Evan Kinsey can be found, but the amount of information on this one individual from just this one record is amazing.  Surely, there is an amazing story behind this individual just wanting to be told.


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