Kinsey Marriage Bonds in the NLW (1661 - 1838)

61One of the earliest indexes published online that has been of use to those tracing their Welsh roots has been the Marriage Bond Index at the National Library of Wales (NLW).

The NLW explains the importance of marriage bonds:

Marriage Bonds
These documents were executed in order to obtain a licence to marry without having banns called publicly in church, and were filed and kept in the office of the diocese where the licence was issued. In general, they cover the period 1661-1930.

The information varies with the type of document, marriage bonds (a legal requirement up to 1824) being of most use to the family historian. They may be particularly valuable when the approximate date of a marriage is known, but not its venue.

It should be borne in mind that probably fewer than one in ten weddings were by licence. The licences themselves, which have not survived in any great number, may sometimes be found among parish records.
 The dates given for the marriage bonds are not the date of marriage and should only be used as a reference.  Most times the marriage bonds were applied for a few days before the actual wedding day.

Kinseys in the Marriage Bond Index

Bangor records 1757-1800

MCKINSEY, Thomas, bach., mariner, Llanedwen, AGY. 1787, Dec 21. At Ll. Rachel Joseph. A,B,N(CONSENT). 22/179.
KINSEY, Thomas, singleman, Llandinam, MGY. 1775, Sep 25. At Trefeglwys. Margaret Worthington. A,B. 14/83.
KINSEY, Thomas, bach., farmer, Llandinam, MGY. 1795, Apr 25. At Llanidloes. Anne Carter. A,B. 28/35.
OWEN, Griffith, singleman, yeoman, Llanidloes, MGY. 1770, Feb 26. At Llandinam. Hanah Maria Kinsey. A,B. 9/33.

Bangor records 1801-1837

CLEATON, David, bach., Llanidloes, MGY. 1827, Apr 7. At Ll. Mary Kinsey . B. 57/57.

DAVIES, Thomas, bach., Llanwnnog, MGY. 1837, Dec 21. At Ll. Mary Kinsey . A. 66/347.

DAVIES, Edward, bach., farmer, Llandinam, MGY. 1812, Feb 6. At Ll. Anne Kinsey. A,B. 45/18
EVANS, Edward, bach., Trefeglwys, MGY. 1827, Oct 28. At Llandinam. Ann Kinsey. B. 57/187.

JONES, Thomas, bach., Llanidloes, MGY. 1824, Oct 9. At Ll. Margaret Kinsey. A. 56/16.
JONES, William, bach., Bangor, CAE. 1829, Sep 7. At Conwy. Margaret Mckinsey. A. 59/109
GRIFFITHS, John, bach., weaver, Llandinam, MGY. 1803, Jul 7. At Llanidloes. Hannah Kinsey. A,B. 36/154
KINSEY, Evan, bach., farmer, Llanidloes, MGY. 1819, May 1. At Ll. Anne Jarman. A,B. 51/42.
KINSEY, Evan, bach., farmer, Llanwnnog, MGY. 1814, May 4. At Ll. Anne Ruff. A,B. 47/60.
KINSEY, Evan, bach., Llanidloes, MGY. 1837, Jun 3. At Ll. Ann Lloyd. A . 66/152.
KINSEY, Stephen, bach., farmer, Llandinam, MGY. 1804, Feb 4. At Trefeglwys. Anne Evans. A,B. 37/24.
KINSEY, Stephen, bach., Llandinam, MGY. 1824, Oct 6. At Ll. Anne Wilson . A. 56/13.
KINSEY, Thomas, wid., farmer, Llandinam, MGY. 1806, May 29. At Ll. Martha Bumford. A,B. 39/78.
KINSEY, Thomas, bach., Llandinam, MGY. 1820, Mar 28. At Trefeglwys. Mary Evans. A,B. 52/24.
KINSEY, Thomas, bach., farmer, St. Harmon, RAD. 1821, Jan 31. At Llangurig, MGY. Sarah Evans. A,B. 53/7.
KINSEY, Thomas, bach., Llanidloes, MGY. 1835, Apr 11. At Llandinam. Harriot Jones. A. 64/73.
McKINSEY, John, bach., Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll, AGY. 1831, Feb 28. At Llandegfan. Jane Williams. A. 60/35.
PUGH, Pryce, bach., Llanbister, RAD. 1835, Mar 7. At Llanidloes, MGY. Margaret Kinsey. A. 64/58
ROBERTS, David, bach., joiner, Machynlleth, MGY. 1816, May 18. At Llandinam. Ann Kinsey. A,B. 49/62.

SOLEY, Thomas, bach., Llanidloes, MGY. 1831, Jan 5. At Llandinam. Sarah Kinsey. A. 60/4
WHITAKER, David, surgeon, Llanwnnog, MGY. 1811, Mar 27. At Ll. Elizabeth Kinsey. A,B.

Llandaf records 1751-1800

BASSETT, Frances, sp., Trevethin, MON. 1768, November 18. At T. Robert Kinsey. A,B. 35/73.

HARRINGTON, Caroline, sp., Abergavenny, MON. 1786, August 29. At A. Robert Morgan Kinsey. A,B. 69/42.
KINSEY, Jane Harriot, sp., Usk, MON. 1792, August 29. At U. William Morgan. A,B. 78/129.
KITSON, Mary, sp., Usk, MON. 1789, November 21. At U. John Kinsey. A,B 75/54.

Llandaf records 1801-1837

FOULKES, Evan, bach., Bedwellty, MON. 1810, August 18. At B. Mary Kinsey. A,B. 107/22.
GWYER, Thomas, bach., Newport, MON. 1816, September 2. At St. Woollos. Elizabeth Kinsey Jones. A,B. 117/83.
HUGHES, Thomas, bach., Abergavenny, MON. 1819, July 1. At A. Jane Kinsey. A,B. 120/74
JONES, Charles, bach., Bedwellty, MON. 1819, October 25. At B. Margaret Kinsey. A,B. 120/107.
Aberhonddu/Brecon Records 1701-1750
DAVIES, Edward, Cefn-llys, RAD. 1743, June 9. At C. or Pilleth. Margaret Kinsey. B. 89/155.
JONES, William, yeoman, Nantmel, RAD. 1717, May 20. At N., Llanfihangel Helygen or Llanddewi Ystradenni. Anne Kinsey. B. 50/18.
KINSEY, David, Crucadarn, BRE. 1733, April 16. At C. or Hay. Hester Jenkins. B. 34/40. ["1733" on B, "1734" on O and cover].
KINSEY, Evan, gent., Llanddewi Ystradenni, RAD. 1728, January 27. At Ll. Y. or Nantmel. Anne Powell. B. 78/90.
KINSEY, Isaacck, Crucadarn, BRE. 1743, April 23. At C. or Llanfihangel Fechan. Jonnett Bevan. B. 89/136.
KINSEY, John, yeoman, Crucadarn, BRE. 1734, July 3. At C. or Llandyfalle . Margaret Vaughan. B. 44/63.
KINSEY, Stephen, gent., Pilleth, RAD. 1747, January 11. At P. Catherine Kinsey. B. 77/124.
MORRIS, James, gent., Llanbadarn Fynydd, RAD. 1730 Dec 21. At Ll.F. or Llanddewi Fach. Anne Kinsey. B. 50/31.

Aberhonddu/Brecon 1751-1800

DAVIES, William, shoemaker, Builth, BRE. 1763, July 20. Martha Kinsey. B. 13/43.
HAMER, James, gent., Llanfihangel Helygen, RAD. 1753, May 16. At Nantmel or Llanddewi Ystradenni. Anne Kinsey. B. 50/38.
JONES, Thomas, tanner, St. Phillip and Jacob [Bristol], GLOU. 1777, June 14. [At Cefnllys, RAD]. Susan Kinsey. B. 14/75.
JONES, William, Builth, BRE. 1768, May 18. Sibyl Kinsey. B. 13/55.
KINSEY, Adam, yeoman, Nantmel, RAD. 1779, May 27. Elizabeth Morris. B. 79/56.
KINSEY, Arthur, yeoman, Llangynllo, RAD. 1788, Oct 15. At Ll. Sarah Griffiths. B. 64/52.
KINSEY, James, joiner, Builth, BRE. 1761, Aug 22. Sarah Davies. B. 13/42.
KINSEY, James, yeoman, Builth, BRE. 1763, Sept 5. Sarah Davies. B. l3/44.
KINSEY, John, yeoman, Llanynys, BRE. 1757, Sept 14. Joan Pugh. B. 41/39.
KINSEY, John, farmer, Llandyfaelog, BRE. 1796, March 8. At Llan-ddew. Mary Christopher. B. 49/61B.
KINSEY, Matthew, gent., Builth, BRE. 1756, Oct 18. Mary Williams. B. 34/68.
KINSEY, Mathew, yeoman, Builth, BRE. 1765, Feb 16. Elianor Price. B. 13/46.
KINSEY, Stephen, farmer, Cefnllys, RAD. 1792, May 21. At C. Sarah Phillips. B. 14/92.
KINSEY, Thomas, blacksmith, bach., Llys-wen, BRE. 1790, March 13. At Llanigon. Elizabeth Michael. A.,B. 67/91
OWENS, Edward, yeoman, Llanbister, RAD. 1799, March 27. Maria Kinsey. B. 42/112.
PRICE, Thomas, yeoman, Cregrina, RAD. 1762, Nov 15. Mary Kinsey. B.39/13.

POWELL, Evan, yeoman, Llandyfalle, BRE. 1757, May 4. Margaret Kinsey. B. 44/77.

ROBERTS, James, gent., bach., Llangynllo, RAD. 1797, May 18. At Ll. Sarah Kinsey. B. 64/61.

THOMAS, John, excise officer, Builth, BRE. 1760, Sept 24. Anne Kinsey. B. 13/39.

WILLIAMS, John, yeoman, Llandyfalle, BRE. 1772, Dec 12. Elizabeth Kinsey. B. 44/90

Aberhonddu/Brecon Records 1801-1837

KINSEY, David, farmer, Llan-ddew, BRE. 1805, May 28. At Talgarth. Mary Jones. B. 85/103.
KINSEY, George, cabinet maker, bach., Merthyr Tydfil, GLA. 1832, June 5 . "At Llanddeti, BRE." Jennet Williams. A. [At Y Faenor, BRE.]. 87/196.
KINSEY, Jeremiah, yeoman, Llan-ddew, BRE. 1806, Nov 15. At Glasbury, RAD. Hannah Watkins. B. 31/108.
KINSEY, John, farmer, Llanstephan, RAD. 1821, Oct 4. Margaret Watkins. B . 63/79.
KINSEY, Thomas, farmer, Llanfilo, BRE. 1819, Feb 23. Elinor Williams. B. 49/73.
KINSEY, Thomas, farmer, bach., minor, Llanfilo, BRE. 1828, June 21. At Ll . Catherine Vaughan. A. 66/141.
KINSEY, Thomas, miller, bach., Llandyfalle, BRE. 1832, March 24. At Ll. Mary Williams. A. 44/147.
PENRY, Thomas, farmer, Clydog, "BRE" [HERE]. 1805, Sept 30. At Crucadarn, BRE. Sarah Kinsey. B. 19/88.
PRICE, Evan, gent., Crucadarn, BRE. 1811, May 25. Margaret Kinsey. B.
PROSSER, George, bach., Crucadarn, BRE. 1837, Nov 17. At C. Margaret Kinsey. A. 19/102
WATKINS, John, Llangatwg, BRE. 1814, January 5. Mary Kinsey. B. 35/76.

WILLIAMS, David, yeoman, Llanfigan, BRE. 1818, Aug 8. Mary Kinsey. B.53/113.

WILLIAMS, Evan, yeoman, Llangynog, BRE. 1813, Feb 3. At Builth. Anne Kinsey. B. 13/133.

WILSON, John, farmer, Rhaeadr, RAD. 1810, May 10. At Llanfihangel Brynpabuan, BRE. Jane Kinsey. B. 54/49.

Llanelwy/St Asaph 1751 -1800

FJONES, Humphrey, bach., farmer, Betws Cedewain, MGY. 1780, Aug 8. At B. Elizabeth Kinsey. A,B. 99/18.
KINSEY, Robert, yeoman, Ceri, MGY. 1762, Aug 27. At Newtown. Hannah Ellis. A,B. 52/13.
KINSEY, Stephen, bach., Newtown, MGY. 1798, Sep 22. At N. Ann Powel. A, B. 134/33.
KINSEY, Thomas, bach., Newtown, MGY. 1778, Apr 27. At N. Elizabeth Baden. A,B. 94/73.

Llanelwy/St Asaph Records 1801-1837

BOWEN, Evan, Llysdinam, BRE. 1836, Jul 4. At Betws[Cedewain], MGY. Sarah Kinsey. A. 177/381.
EVANS, Edward, bach., Llanfyllin, MGY. 1821, Jan 23. At Ll. Mary Kinsey . A,B. 168/11.
JONES, Oliver, wid., druggist, Newtown, MGY. 1812, Sep 23. At N. Elizabeth Kinsey. A,B. 161/175.
JONES, William, Newtown, MGY. 1824, Jun 20. At N. Ann Kinsey. A.169/202.

KINSEY, Evan, Llandinam, MGY. 1826, Sep 16. At Berriew. Ann Maria Powell. A. 170/379.
KINSEY, John, wid., farmer, Betws, MGY. 1811, Feb 26. At B. Margaret Evans. A,B. 159/42.
KINSEY, Michael, bach., Holywell, FLN. 1806, Feb 4. At H. Mary Atherton . A,B. 149/38.
KINSEY, Stephen, wid., Newtown, MGY. 1828, May 28. At N. Bridget Rowlands. A. 171/285.


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