Roger Lewis Kinsey and Becoming an American

Roger Lewis Kinsey was born 21 November 1861 as the eldest son of Roger Kinsey and Eliza Anne Lewis in Llandinam, Montgomeryshire.

Roger Lewis Kinsey grew up on the family farm (Old Chapel Farm) as many of those before him.   Eventually, Roger ended up emigrating to Canada in 1880 to work in farming; Just as his cousin Stephen Wilson Kinsey had done over a decade earlier. 

Roger Lewis Kinsey led what must have been a fascinating life as a miner in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s and early 1900s. 

Towards the end of his life, Roger spends his final years in San Francisco, California where he died on 19 April 1950 at the ripe old age of 88.

Becoming an American Citizen:

It appears that Roger Lewis Kinsey tried at least twice in his life to become an American citizen.

There is a record of him applying to become a citizen in Michigan in 1925.  The reason why he is in Michigan at the time is not clear at this moment:
Index Card for Petition for American Citizenship by Roger Lewis Kinsey in Michigan in 1925.

A second petition for citizenship was made in California in 1938 and finally granted in 1942.  Both records are provided for free at

Index Card for Petition for American Citizenship by Roger Lewis Kinsey in California in 1938.
Index Card for Granting of American Citizenship in California in 1942.
Please note that the three above records are from the indexes and are not copies of the actual records that they pertain to. 


  1. We have the original marriage certificate of Roger Kinsey and Eliza Anne Lewis, married at the parish Llandinam April 18th, 1861. My great grandmother Helen Kinsey spent time at Redhouse as a child. She married Rev. Robert Owen Pugh Williams in Llandinam in 1922/23. Please contact me Anne Thatcher,


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