Immigration of Stephen Wilson Kinsey

After finding out when Anne Vaughan Kinsey, along with her kids, immigrated from Wales to Canada, the question remained when her husband left.

The answer appears to be the following:

Stephen Kensey, 35, m, labourer, England, England

He was one of the many in steerage aboard the SS City of Boston. The ship left Liverpool at noon on Wednesday, December 12, 1866. They stopped off at Queenstown, Ireland on the 13th and arrived at Castle Garden, New York City on December 27th, 1866.

The SS City of Boston was owned by the Inman Line and was built in 1865. Sadly, it was lost at sea in 1870 somewhere between Halifax and Liverpool.

Castle Garden, located on the southern tip of Manhattan, was the gateway to the Americas for over 8 million immigrants until the switch was made to Ellis Island in 1892. Today, it is a national park.

As for Stephen Kinsey, he had just gone through bankruptcy earlier that year and had to leave a newborn daughter. He never returned to Wales again spending his remaining days in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. He died in 1889 and is buried with his wife in Walkerton Pulblic Cemetery.


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