So, what ever became of Ruth Ellen Kinsey?

Up until now, it was not very clear what happen to Ruth Ellen Kinsey.

At least, that was the case until earlier this week.

What had been known was that Ruth Ellen Kinsey was born in Bracebridge, Ontario on 30 September 1894 to Walter William Kinsey and Ellen Lauder. Ellen Lauder was his second wife and was a cousin of Margaret Richardson, W.W. Kinsey's first wife.

Ellen had two daughters before having Ruth in 1894. Sadly, Ellen soon died of typhoid in 1895, and was buried along side her cousin Margaret.

At first, she was working as a stenographer in Toronto. She then married George Frederick McGowan in 1920. However, the marriage only lasted a few years and they she ended up suing for divorce.

In those days, a legal divorce was a still a rarity and required for the claimant to get an Act of Parliament. On top of that, by law the divorce notice also had to be published in the Canada Gazette and published in two local newspapers.

She was soon married a second time; This time it was to a local Bracebridge man, Burnett Alexander Ward. They lived in British Columbia where Burnett continued to write and teach. Alas, this marriage was also come to an end in 1948 and this is where Ruth's trail ended.

Fortunately, contact was made with one of her grandchildren this week, and now we know what happened to her.

After being married to Burnett "Ted" Ward, she remarried for a third time. This time to a Turner.

What is now known is that Ruth Ellen Turner (nee Kinsey) lived until the ripe old age of 72. She passed away on 12 May 1967 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This ends the long hunt to finding what happened to the children of Walter William Kinsey.


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