William Thomas (1824 - 1868)

William Thomas was born in London, England in about 1824 and immigrated to London, Ontario as a young man.

He married Martha Walmsley on New Years Eve in 1862 by a Methodist minister in London, Ontario. They then had at least 3 children:
  1. Sarah Elizabeth Thomas (b. 18 February 1863 in Westminster, Middlesex County, Ontario)
  2. William Richard Thomas (b. 29 November 1866 in London, Ontario)
  3. Thomas Thomas (b. about 1867 in Ontario)
What is new to the equation was discovering when William Thomas died and where he was buried. As he died before the Province of Ontario implemented registration for births, marriages and deaths in 1869, there is no public death certificate. Fortunately, he was recently found to have been buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in London, Ontario.

He was buried next to his wife Martha and his headstone reads that he died on 7 December 1868. Martha then moved from Westminster to nearby London East where she married Thomas Timbrell where they lived on a large estate.

Most notably, William Thomas is the maternal grandfather of Bishop Richard Charles Evans.


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